Fotografie: © Lukas Beck
Hofstätter Projekte is a new exhibition space for contemporary art in Vienna, founded by Anton Hofstätter in 2014.

The concept is based on a specific situation: the interplay between the renowned Kunsthandel Reinhold Hofstätter, the remarkable private collection of the same name as well as the new gallery space dedicated to contemporary art.
The collection’s objects, which were selected carefully over decades, include furniture, sculptures, paintings and works of art of the highest standard, dating from the 14th to the beginning of the 20th Century. This constellation offers ideal conditions for a laboratory open to questions regarding art as time cross-continuum.

Hofstätter Projekte’s programme focuses on contemporary positions that specifically refer to the collection’s content or, more generally, to art historical questions.
With projects crossing time, space and media the artists interpret the idea of an indivisible art, intertwined with past and present. Ultimately, they ask the central questions of art by setting up for discussion the categories (sculpture, objects, installations, etc.) and the status (high art, crafts, folk art, etc.) of objects as well as the fundamental conditions of time and context in regards to meaning and significance of all artistic forms.

With his neon piece ALL ART HAS BEEN CONTEMPORARY, Maurizio Nannucci brought the essence of Hofstätter Projekte to the point. This sentence refers to art being a culture and time crossing phenomenon, as well as to the lack of definition of art, which needs to be re-defined depending on time and space.

Sophie Tappeiner, Director
Flora Peyrer-Heimstätt, Gallery Assistant
Hartmut Fleiß, Restorer

Fotografie: © Lukas Beck